11 killed in bar shooting in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO -- At least 11 people were killed in a bar shooting in Brazil's northern state of Para on Sunday, police said.

The shooting took place Sunday afternoon in the neighborhood of Guama in the city of Belem, when seven gunmen arrived at the bar and began shooting. They killed six women, among them the bar's owner, and five men, according to the Military Police.

One person was injured and taken to hospital under police protection.

An investigation into the shooting was opened by the Civil Police's Homicide Division but the motive remained unknown as of yet.

The local media speculated that the killings could be a form of revenge and could have been trigged by fighting among rival factions.

The Guama neighborhood is one of the most populous neighborhoods in Belem and in March, it was one of seven to receive reinforcement from the National Armed Forces to put a stop to criminal activity in the city and the metropolitan region.

In 2017, a wave of killings hit Belem following the murder of a military police officer, with 28 people slain in 24 hours. (Xinhua)