Art of deception not new to Elago, Red groups: Parlade

By Priam Nepomuceno

August 17, 2019, 10:02 am

<p>Major General Antonio Parlade, Jr., Armed Forces of the Philippines Deputy Chief-of Staff for Civil-Military Operations</p>

Major General Antonio Parlade, Jr., Armed Forces of the Philippines Deputy Chief-of Staff for Civil-Military Operations

MANILA – Though not a regular member of the New People's Army (NPA), the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), Kabataan Party-list Representative Sarah Elago and other militant groups’ leaders have surely mastered the art of deception to take a place in the country's political process.

Major General Antonio Parlade, Jr., of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF ELCAC) made this statement in response to Elago's claims that she is not an NPA member.

"Who said you are an NPA member? Of course, you are not. What we said is that you have been hiding in your comfortable cover as Kabataan Party-list representative. You all have mastered the art of deception, moving from aboveground to underground, and now walking in the Halls of Congress," he said in a statement sent to the Philippine News Agency Saturday.

Parlade, who is also Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Deputy Chief-of-Staff for Civil-Military Operations, said Elago was able to do this by using the CPP-NPA's "revolutionary dual tactics" which has kept the country in the dark for 50 years.

Arouse, Organize, Mobilize

"You start with your Social Investigation and Class Analysis (SICA) to get the profile of possible targets for recruitment to LFS (League of Filipino Students) for students or Anakbayan to accommodate out-of-school youth. You choose the smartest but most vulnerable because of poverty, family issues, the progressive outlook in life, and even sexual promiscuity (a perfect excuse to be free from the prying eyes and rules of strict parents). If kids are receptive to the social injustices they see around, then that's when you start the arousal stage of your AOM (Arouse, Organize, Mobilize) methodology. More agitation will make them join your open mass organs like LFS, Kabataan, Anakbayan, CEGP, etc, thus the systematic 'Organization' of like-minded radicals," he added.

In due time, recruits are given more indoctrinations and advance teachings that will elevate the level of political education of these minors in the lines of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist tenets in preparation for their mobilization, he added.

After these processes, Parlade said, these minors will be assessed whether they are qualified and willing to become party candidates, and eventually become full-time CPP cadre members.

"Once sworn in, you now become part of the underground mass organization (UGMO) called Kabataang Makabayan (KM).  For that matter, none of you can become an officer of these open mass organizations if you are not a party member yet. But surfacing back aboveground as officials of Makabayan bloc does not extinguish your line to the underground," he said.

Support role

While Elago is not an NPA member in the strictest sense of the term, Parlade said she is still playing a role to support the communist rebels as she opted to be part of the group's so-called "legal front" which is tasked to support the illegal activities of the underground movement and its armed component.

"She fits that role because she has the charisma, charm, and intellect, needed to lead in the legal and parliamentary struggle. They need an exemplar who looks meek, harmless and has the face to project the sheep amongst wolves," he added.

Minors recruited by Anakbayan, KM, and other progressive groups have no place to go but on the different underground bureaus of the CPP with the more aggressive ones being NPA cadres.

"But where does the rest of these Anakbayan and KM go? The more aggressive kids become NPA cadres, political officers, or officers of the different underground bureaus of the CPP. Those who write well go to propaganda and education, some as combat medics which they call health workers or logisticians for the Red fighters. Once exposed and integrated into the armed group, there is no more turning back. They are told that the military knows about them already and if captured they will be skinned alive," he added.

With Elago and the rest of the militant party-list group leaders being very adept to the CPP's aboveground and underground strategies, Parlade said these individuals exist with the "Kamatayan (Makabayan) bloc" to ensure that the NPA does not run out of fighters for its illegal activities.

"They plan and work as CPP cadres for CPP programs, both for the legal and armed struggle. They attend NPA anniversaries, celebrations, and meet NPA cadres when needed. The 'Kamatayan bloc' like Elago, exists to ensure that the NPAs does not run out of fresh fighters, to die for their cause hence, the term 'Kamatayan'," he aid.

He added that while Elago and other militant party-list groups’ leaders have blood on their hands for recruiting minors to the NPA, their expertise on aboveground and duplicity strategies of the CPP makes them appear to be clear of any wrongdoing.

Duplicitous scheme

Parlade also dismissed the desire of these groups for peace talks as this has never been their true agenda because they want absolute power for their ranks.

"It's another duplicitous scheme of theirs -- project an interest in peace, when all they want is grab power. But for those who are too naive of their peace agenda, consider the following which are found in the NDFP version of the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio Eco Reforms (CASER): (a) Repeal of Mining Act, Agri and Fishery Modernization Act, and IPRA Law, the only mechanism that protects the interest of the IPs (indigenous peoples) which they claim to protect; (b) No demobilization of NPA (Art 7 CASER, Bayan Muna USA); and (c) Demobilization of the GRP military (Art 8 CASER Bayan Muna USA)," he added.

With these objectives in the open, he said it is very unlikely that the Filipinos will allow the dissolution of the AFP and allow the NPA to implement the CPP's "proletarian dictatorship".

The CPP-NPA is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines. (PNA)