Davao City to launch ‘Peace Economy’

By Che Palicte

November 20, 2019, 11:20 am

DAVAO CITY -- Mayor Sara Z. Duterte is set to lead the launching of the "Peace Economy" initiative on November 20 in the far-flung Paquibato district, to stimulate economic development based on the sharing of resources.

A statement by the city's peace and order arm, the Peace 911, on Monday said the "Peace Economy" initiative aims to highlight the partnership between the farmers of Barangay Malabog here and Helen’s Farms of NCCC.

The campaign, Peace 911 said, is anchored on the slogan “Sharing Wealth”.

“The partnership is aimed at getting a high price for the producers and a low price for the consumers,” the statement said.

Barangay Captain Jessie Areja of Malabog underscored the importance of developing a partnership between the producers of vegetables in Paquibato and Helen’s Farms, which acts as a marketing intermediary of farm products.

Irene M. Santiago, peace adviser to the local government, said the "Peace Economy" is a system for producing, distributing and consuming goods and services that leads to an improved quality of life for producers in local communities, consumers in rural and urban areas, as well as distributors who connect producers to the market.

Santiago said that "Peace Economy" is characterized by "sustainable local production and democratic ownership, the limited number of intermediaries between the producers and consumers, responsible consumption, environmental sustainability, and human security."

“The Peace Economy is a system of wealth sharing,” she said.

Meanwhile, Benjamin A. Lizada, president of the Restaurant Owners Association of Davao City, urged the heads of restaurants, hotels, resorts, and supermarkets to join the campaign to link producers of various goods and services in Paquibato with the Davao market.

Lizada heads the core group of businesspeople who are collaborating with Peace 911 to make the "Peace Economy" concept a reality. (PNA)