Don't give up on life, doctor battling Covid-19 tells patients

By Lade Jean Kabagani

April 27, 2020, 4:11 pm

<p>Dr. Carmina Fuentebella, a resident doctor at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital. <em>(Contributed photo)</em></p>

Dr. Carmina Fuentebella, a resident doctor at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital. (Contributed photo)

MANILA – A young doctor battling the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) urged individuals who feel depressed about their situation to not give up on life.

Dr. Carmina Fuentebella, a resident doctor at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital who contracted the deadly virus, said the support of people around her has made her feel better in these trying times.

She just turned 27 on April 24 while admitted to the hospital for Covid-19 treatment.

Fuentebella expressed gratitude as she received what she calls "the best gift yet, the gift of life."

In a Facebook post, she shared the tough experience she went through as she fought with the dreaded virus.

"I wished I was dead because it was so painful, but everyone fought with me. I'm here smiling because of everyone," she said.

The past couple of weeks, she said, have been really tough for her.

"I could only imagine how much harder it has been for everyone else. It took me quite a while to fully comprehend what I just went through, but I’m really grateful to everyone who has been with me all the way," she said.

She said she is eternally grateful for the overwhelming support she had received from her friends and the people who offered love and countless prayers, which made her feel stronger.

"It felt like a dead-end, but through everyone’s efforts and prayers I’m finally on my way to full recovery," she said.

Road to recovery

She then assured that if she recovers from the diseases, she will come back to fight the Covid-19 battle on the front line, "stronger and maybe a little bit more careful than before."

Fuentebella is still recovering from Covid-19 after being intubated.

She was earlier in critical condition, but recently received plasma treatment.

RJ Palad, her cousin, said in a Facebook post that Fuentebella is "on her way to complete recovery."

"She is still in the hospital regaining her strength, but we are almost out of the tunnel," he said.

Palad added that Fuentebella's parents, siblings, relatives, and friends are truly grateful to everyone's prayers and sacrifices.

"We are also eternally in debt to the doctors and nurses who made sure that she gets to where she is now. You are all blessings to the whole family," he said.

Meanwhile, Fuentebella encouraged fellow front-liners to keep safe while battling the contagion.

"To all my fellow front-liners, I pray (that) you all to remain safe as this pandemic continues to wreak havoc. We still have a long way to go, but I hope we can all stay healthy as we try to defeat this virus," she said. (PNA)