Sara 'still not interested' in presidency

By Che Palicte

February 22, 2021, 8:30 pm

<p>Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte.</p>

Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte.

DAVAO CITY – Mayor Sara Z. Duterte reiterated Monday she was not interested in running for next year's presidential elections.

Asked in a radio interview on the chances that her decision may change at some future time, Mayor Sara responded: "For now, no."

“There’s no chance that I would change my mind. What's my reason (to seek the presidency)? I do not want to enumerate the reasons because there’s a lot. I just don’t want to offend or hurt anybody,” the presidential daughter said.

Mayor Sara said she understood why people are speculating over her potential candidacy to the highest office in the land, attributing it to her "not giving any reasons."

Meanwhile, the Inday Sara Duterte Ako (ISDA) -- one of the groups behind the "Run Sara, Run" movement -- vowed not to give up convincing the mayor to follow the footsteps of her father, President Rodrigo Duterte.

“We will continue with our big events and activities to further encourage Mayor Inday to listen to the call of the Filipino people,” the group said in a statement sent to the Philippine News Agency on Monday.

Meanwhile, Mayor Sara has expressed irritation at the "Run Sara, Run" billboards and streamers posted in various parts of the country.

She said the public should report individuals or groups posting such materials in their communities.

“I would like to remind everyone that there is a regulation in putting billboards and tarpaulins. You need to pay the government. Those who do not adhere to the regulations, we will take it all down and return it to their owners,” Mayor Sara pointed out.

Despite this, Duterte thanked the individuals behind the "Run Sara, Run" campaign for their trust and support. (PNA)