TRAVEL PROTOCOL.  Border personnel at the Badoc gateway tightened the screening of entrants anew with the fresh spikes of Covid-19 cases nationwide. Effective Thursday (March 25, 2021), non-residents with indispensable travel are no longer allowed to visit until further notice. (PNA photo by Leilanie G. Adriano

LAOAG CITY – The province of Ilocos Norte has updated its travel protocols effective Thursday to contain the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) from spreading in the province.

Based on the latest travel advisory, non-residents with indispensable travel are no longer allowed to enter the province.

Exempted from this are Authorized Person Outside Residence (APOR) who have official business. They must show proof of work and minimize their movements while in the province.

The province has also shortened the validity of swab test for non-resident frequent border crosser to one week from its two-week validity.

With the current declaration of “emergency shielding” in Ilocos Sur, the Ilocos Norte government likewise announced that residents of Ilocos Sur will no longer be exempted from the updated travel guidelines.

For returning residents, they are strongly recommended to minimize their movement for the first week upon returning to the province.

"We ask for your understanding and cooperation as we aim to safeguard our province from Covid-19,” Governor Matthew Manotoc said in a statement posted at the official Ilocos Norte Facebook page on Thursday afternoon. (PNA