Global coronavirus cases exceed 155 million

MOSCOW – The total number of coronavirus infections worldwide has surpassed 155.9 million, according to TASS’ calculations based on data by authorities, experts and media.

Thus, the share of the infections makes up more than 2 percent of world population, which the UN Population Fund estimated at 7.795 billion people as of mid-2020.

To date, over 155,912,000 cases of the disease have been registered worldwide.

About half of the cases are distributed between five countries – the US (32.7 million), India (21.5 million), Brazil (15 million), France (5.8 million), and Turkey (5 million).

The highest share of the infections is recorded in countries with a relatively small population, Thus, in Andorra, 17% of the population (13,400 people) have contracted the disease, while in Montenegro, this indicator is at 15.7% (98,000).

In Russia, this indicator makes up about 3.3% (4.86 million people).

Many countries are currently registering a third wave of the infection while some states talk about the fourth wave already.

A sharp rise in incidence was detected worldwide in early January when over 800,000 cases were being registered daily, yet by the end of February, the situation has stabilized and the indicators decreased almost two-fold.

In the spring, the infection spread resumed its rapid growth with a new high of over 904,700 confirmed daily infections recorded on April 29.

Still sick

The share of recoveries to date makes up about 86%. At the same time, at least 19 million people continue treatment. However, this data is incomplete since many countries do not publish the relevant statistics.

The number of fatalities caused by the coronavirus infection has increased to 3.2 million, which is 2.1% of all infections.

The majority of fatalities were recorded in the US (583,000), Brazil (415,000) and India (230,000). The highest lethality indicators were registered in Yemen (19.6%) and Mexico (9.3%). In Russia, 112,200 people or 2.3% died.

The outbreak of a disease caused by the novel coronavirus was recorded at the end of 2019 in Central China, later spreading to the majority of countries.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. (TASS)