Severe Covid-19 cases rise in Japan

TOKYO – The number of people with severe forms of Covid-19 in Japan has reached 1,131, the highest tally since the onset of the pandemic, Kyodo News Agency reported on Friday.

On Wednesday, Japan saw 1,114 people with severe Covid-19. These include patients on ventilators or those in intensive care units.

Japan’s coronavirus cases have surpassed 622,000 by now. More than 10,600 people have died.

Due to the growing number of infections, the Japanese government declared a state of emergency in Tokyo and the Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo prefectures from April 25 to May 11. It is expected to be extended until May 31.

The government is also set to declare a state of emergency in the Fukuoka and Aichi prefectures. Residents are requested not to leave their homes unless it is necessary, and employers have been asked to switch their staff to remote work. (TASS)