Covid-19 incidence declines by 9% worldwide in 1 week: WHO

GENEVA – Over 3.1 million people have contracted the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) infection worldwide, while just more than 54,000 new deaths were reported during the week from September 27 to October 3. 
The World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Wednesday that the number of new infections has decreased by 9 percent over seven days, while the number of fatalities decreased by 4 percent than the week before.
"Globally, the numbers of weekly Covid-19 cases and deaths continued to decline. This is a trend that has been observed since August," the weekly epidemiological update said. 
According to the organization’s statistics, a significant decline in new weekly infections was recorded in Africa (by 43 percent), the Eastern Mediterranean (by 21 percent), South-East Asia (by 19 percent), the Western Pacific (by 12 percent), and America (by 12 percent). 
In Europe, the incidence has increased by 5 percent. The lethality has increased by 2 percent in Europe and America while other regions documented its decrease, particularly in Africa (by 25 percent).
The US reported the highest number of weekly infections (760,571) to the WHO. 
It is followed by the UK (239,781), Turkey (197,277), Russia (165,623), and India (161,158).
According to the WHO, as of October 5, there have been 235,175,106 confirmed coronavirus cases with 4,806,841 fatalities worldwide since the beginning of the pandemic. (TASS)