Jorge Madlos alias “Ka Oris” (Contributed photo)

PANACAN, Davao City – The Eastern Mindanao Command (Eastmincom) commended all the combat and support units under commander Lt. Gen. Greg T. Almerol for their successful operations that resulted in the death of New People’s Army (NPA) National Operations Command spokesperson Jorge Madlos alias “Ka Oris” in an encounter in a mountainous area in Impasugong, Bukidnon on Oct. 30.

“The collective efforts of the different operating troops, primarily composed of the 403rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, PA (Philippine Army), and intelligence units and as well as the timely use of the Philippine Air Force capability made the operation successful leading to the death of Ka Oris,” the Eastmincom said in a statement on Sunday.

The successful operations against the 71-year-old Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) executive committee member were carried out based on the guidance set by Almerol when he assumed the Eastmincom in March 2021.

“Since then, intelligence fusion, and careful and progressive planning to ensure a better focus military operations were undertaken. Evidently, the hard-work and cooperation among the Eastmincom’s units has paved the way to the neutralization of the high-ranking CTG (Communis Terrorist Group) leaders including Ka Oris,” the statement read.

Madlos’ death, it added, serves as a main deterrence against communist terrorists’ atrocities in Eastern Mindanao and his loss is bound to cause the CTG forces into splinters.

Major loss

The death of Ka Oris is also a major loss to the CTG as his influence had been a unifying force for its followers and supporters in Northern Mindanao.

“With him out of the picture, the CTG’s operational balance could easily cave in like a house of cards. His demise signals a new era for the people of Eastern Mindanao who had long been living in the shadows of terror sowed by the CTG under his reign,” the Eastmincom said.

With Madlos’ followers shattered into the smaller groups due to relentless focused military operations, the EastMinCom said Ka Oris’ death is also a major victory not only for the military but as well as the peace-loving communities of Eastern Mindanao who finally enjoy an unhampered peace and development.

“May Ka Oris’ death serves as an awakening for the remaining CTG forces that continued resistance against the government will only results in tragic endings,” it added.

It also called upon Ka Oris’ fellow leaders and followers to embrace the government’s sincere offer to help them start a new life under the fold of the law through the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP).

“We reiterate our call for peace to the remaining CTG members. May you follow the steps of your former comrades who are now living a peaceful and comfortable life under the care of the government. All you need to do is make that decisive action to peacefully surrender and we will ensure your safety and protection,” it said.

The Eastmincom also applauded the people living in the communities for their proactive sharing of information to the military “which has been instrumental in the success of its operations in Eastern Mindanao.”

“The people’s eagerness to help only manifests their desire to put an end to the menace and anti-development sentiments of the CTG in their communities,” it said. “The voluntary acts of ordinary citizens in sharing vital information to the military speak volumes about the dissipating support for the CTG. It is clear that we have been able to win their complete trust and we will never smear this relationship with them.”

Almerol’s command assured it will never stop working day and night to bring lasting peace and development in Eastern Mindanao by 2022.

The CPP-NPA is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines. (PNA)