Isko to VP Leni: 'Deny that you asked me to withdraw'

By Marita Moaje

April 20, 2022, 7:42 pm

<p>Presidential aspirants Manila Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso (left) and Vice President Leni Robredo <em>(File photos) </em></p>

Presidential aspirants Manila Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso (left) and Vice President Leni Robredo (File photos) 

MANILA – Aksyon Demokratiko standard-bearer Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso on Wednesday challenged Vice President Leni Robredo and her team to categorically deny that they first asked him and several other presidential bets to withdraw.

“Now I challenge, this is on record, huwag na kayong mag-speculate, huwag na kayong mag-spin, diretsahan, Madame Vice President Leni Robredo, totoo ba? Kasi nagpa-fact check, fact check pa eh, alam naman natin kung sino nagsasabing withdraw (do not speculate, do not spin, just straight, Madame VP Leni Robredo, is it true? Some are still fact checking when we know who did ask others to withdraw),” Domagoso said during an ambush interview on Wednesday in Bohol.

Moreno called for Robredo to quit the race during a joint press conference with other presidential aspirants at the Peninsula Manila Hotel in Makati City on Easter Sunday.

Domagoso said Robredo’s camp and the “yellow” have been bullying him, and now, he said that he is standing up and telling them “no to bully”.

He said the “yellow” camp does not respect him as they see themselves better than the rest.

Domagoso also dared former senator Bam Aquino and now Robredo's campaign manager to deny his statement.

“I challenge Bam Aquino, sige bigyan natin, I challenge Bam Aquino to deny it, I challenge the honorable vice president, pasinungalinan nyo kami kung hindi kayo nag-attempt (tell us that we are lying about your attempt),” he said.

Domagoso also clarified that the issue is not about Robredo being a woman, but about the person's character.

“Pag kayo ang nagsasalita masakit sa damdamin namin okay lang, pag kami ang nangangatwiran, bastos na, inaapi namin ang babae? Kelan naging isyu ang babae? It is an issue of character, character of a person na gustong maging lider ng bansa, character ng tao, ugali, totong ugali (When you talk and hurt our feelings, it’s okay, but if we talk back, we are rude and we are putting women down. When does being a woman become an issue. The issue is the character of a person who wants to lead the country, the true character of that person),” he lamented.

He also called on Robredo’s spokesperson Barry Gutierrez to stop talking on her behalf. This, after Gutierrez, said in an interview that Robredo never asked anybody to withdraw.

Despite, his statement receiving varied reactions, Domagoso said he believes the majority of the people are just keeping silent and they will show how they feel on election day. (PNA)