President Rodrigo Duterte (File photo)

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte is astounded by Filipinos' continued support of him with less than two months left before he vacates Malacañang.

Despite being "strict," he believes Filipinos appreciate his efforts to fight illegal drugs, criminality, and corruption in government.

"Why am I popular? I really don't know. Ano bang nagawa ko (What have I done)?" Duterte said in a taped interview with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy aired over SMNI on Friday. "I have yet to divine the -- or to fathom the real reason why I remain to be popular."

He also cited his policies and accomplishments, especially infrastructure development through the ambitious "Build, Build, Build" program, pay hike for soldiers and cops, and access to universal health care services.

"Ang tanong (The question is) why are you popular? Maybe because of my stand at 'yung nagawa ko (and what I have done)," Duterte said.

According to PUBLiCUS Asia Inc.'s March 30 to April 6 “Pahayag First Quarter Survey”, Duterte earned approval and trust scores of 67.2 percent and 61.2 percent.

PUBLiCUS said "the longevity of President Duterte's popularity is a rarity in Philippine presidential politics".

In a similar survey conducted by OCTA Research on March 5 to 10, Duterte emerged as the most appreciated and trusted official among top government officials.

He received a satisfaction rating of 67 percent and a trust rating of 69 percent, based on the "Tugon ng Masa" survey conducted by OCTA Research.

Malacañang on Wednesday assured the public that Duterte’s signature “Tapang at Malasakit” (courage and compassion) brand of leadership will continue until the end of his term on June 30. (PNA)