Dr. Michelle Schlosser, Davao City Covid-19 Task Force spokesperson. (PNA file photo)

DAVAO CITY – The Davao City Covid-19 Task Force reminded residents anew to follow the minimum public health standards (MPHS) amid the city's increasing coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) positivity rate.

In a radio interview Thursday, Dr. Michelle Schlosser, the task force spokesperson, said the positivity rate of 8.3 percent of Covid-19 from July 24 to 31 remains “very high and Dabawenyos should not be complacent.”

Schlosser encouraged the public to continue wearing face masks and observe proper hand hygiene. Establishments and offices are also reminded by the task force to strictly implement MPHS in their respective areas.

“Before, we usually had one to 1.5 percent then it increased to three percent and reached five percent, which is the acceptable positivity rate. More than that, that's not acceptable anymore,” Schlosser pointed out.

She said there should be no room for leniency in implementing the wearing of face masks and hand hygiene.

“To all mall goers, please observe MPHS. Wear your face masks. Imagine sitting or talking with someone inside the mall you never know is already infected,” Schlosser warned.

As of July 31, the city logged 369 active Covid-19 cases – 216 of which are asymptomatic; 140, mild; 10, moderate; two, severe; and one, critical.

“Fortunately, the city allowed home isolation for mild and asymptomatic cases to help prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed,” Schlosser said.

This is also the reason the task force is pushing for vaccination among the eligible population as it is proven to protect people from the severity of the disease, she said.

“Vaccination and getting booster shots are the best layer of protection against moderate, severe, and critical symptoms of the disease,” she said. (PNA)