SLIPPERY YELLOW TILES. A Baguio City resident is being helped by passersby after slipping on the yellow tactile installed by the city government as part of its sidewalk improvement and rehabilitation project in this undated photo. Mayor Benjamin Magalong said they will stop the installation of the tactile even as he reiterated an earlier warning not to step on the tactile because these are intended only for the blind. (PNA photo by Reyd Sigaw from Baguio City Times FB)

BAGUIO CITY – The local government has decided to discontinue its tactile paving on the city's sidewalks after receiving complaints of people slipping and fracturing their bones.

The Baguio Public Information Office quoted Mayor Benjamin Magalong as saying that the city would instead focus on widening and improving its sidewalks.

“I have talked with the city administrator, for the meantime siguro (maybe) we will forgo the installation of tactile sa ibang mga lugar (in other areas) and concentrate on the widening of sidewalks and improving our sidewalks,” said Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

He clarified, however, that the tactile they were using is of international standard.

Several kilometers of the city’s sidewalks from the central business district going to the different villages have earlier been installed with tactile which the city said on several occasions will help the blind find their way as it serves as a guide using their canes.

“The same issue is faced by other countries Admittedly talagang madulas yung ating tactile (Admittedly, the tactile is really slippery) in spite of the fact that it is international standard,” said Magalong.

In the meantime, he said they are looking for non-slippery tactile.

Magalong also appealed to the public not to step on the tactile, which he said is reserved only for blind people.

“We have been informing the public na sana wag tatapak dyan pero may mga lugar kasi na makitid at talagang maraming mga taong dumadaan. Hindi maiwasan (We have been informing the public not to step on them, although it cannot be avoided as some areas are narrow and many people are passing by),” Magalong said.

He said people wearing sneakers, rubber shoes, or shoes with soft soles can step on them without the danger of slipping while those wearing other shoes with slippery soles must not step on them.

In a post on social media with the title “Awareness to people and calling the attention to all in charged city officials,” a certain “Czareana Danielle” said her mother is due to be operated on next week after breaking her knee because of the tactile on Aug. 14.

At the start of the project, another businessman who slipped on the tactile installed fronting his establishment said he will press charges prompting the city to remove the tactile in front of the said building.

Several other netizens have since posted about similar incidents of slipping on the tactile. (PNA)