(PNA photo by Gil Calinga)

MANILA – The PinasLakas campaign has vaccinated 30,363 senior citizens and administered first booster doses to 2,558,086 individuals as of September 14.

In an online forum, Department of Health Public Operations Center Division Chief, Dr. Carmela Granada, said the number of fully vaccinated elderly is only 2.83 percent of the 1,074,110 target for the age group.

The number of boosted individuals represents 10.73 percent of the 23,840,032 target for the general population.

“By the end of 2022, our goal is to reach 70 percent of the total population in order to provide immunity to a majority of our community and to protect the population who cannot protect themselves. So, this 70 percent coverage is equivalent to 78.1 million Filipinos,” Granada said.

There are 72,810,132 or 93.23 percent fully vaccinated Filipinos and 18,658,487 or 23.89 boosted individuals to date, she added.

Citing data on coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases seen in health facilities from July 1 to September 11, Granada urged those yet to receive their primary series of Covid-19 jabs to get inoculated.

Of the 37,025 Covid-19 cases recorded for that period, about 44 percent were not fully vaccinated.

“About 8.11 percent of those not fully vaccinated became severe or critical, 9.47 percent resulted in death, almost twice versus the fully vaccinated,” Granada said.

She noted that fully vaccinated individuals were among the Covid-19 cases admitted to the health facilities but only 5.98 percent of them became severe or critical and only 4.59 percent resulted in death. (PNA)