Royal Mint unveils first coins to feature King Charles III

LONDON – Britain's Royal Mint has unveiled the first coins to feature the portrait of King Charles III, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Britons will begin to see Charles's image in their change from around December, as 50-pence coins depicting him gradually enter circulation.

The new monarch's effigy was created by British sculptor Martin Jennings, and has been personally approved by Charles, the Royal Mint said Friday.

In keeping with tradition, the king's portrait faces to the left in the opposite direction to his mother's, Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles is depicted without a crown. A Latin inscription surrounding the portrait translates to "King Charles III, by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith."

A separate memorial 5-pound coin remembering the life and legacy of Elizabeth will be released Monday.

One side of this coin features Charles, while the reverse side features two new portraits of Elizabeth side by side. (WAM)