BUY-BUST. Police arrest agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in a recent drug buy-bust in Taguig City. On Friday (Dec. 9, 2022), the Taguig government temporarily withdrew its support from the PDEA due to the incident. (Contributed photo)

MANILA – The Taguig City government on Friday announced the temporary suspension of its support to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) due to the involvement of its personnel to illegal drug activities.

A PDEA district office chief and two agents were recently arrested in a buy-bust in Taguig.

The city government said it was withholding its support to PDEA until the culprits are dealt with.

"The City is temporarily suspending its support to and coordination with PDEA pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. The City insists that those involved should be held accountable," it said in a statement.

It added that the city condemns the illegal drug activities of PDEA personnel involved, and a driver. They were arrested inside a Taguig City-owned building that serves as a PDEA office.

"It is a betrayal of the highest order," it said.

The city has turned over to PDEA a newly-constructed building in 2018, in support of the PDEA's anti-drug mandate.

It noted that the use of this building and the participation of those involved in the drug activities was unacceptable.

The city government said it would demand that the building be returned to the city and that it plans to repurpose it.

Meanwhile, the city government reiterated its zero Tolerance Policy on illegal drugs, and warned all drug users and peddlers in Taguig, including those working in government, that their positions would not shield them from the full force of the law.

It said will only resume its support and cooperation with PDEA once the latter has shown serious efforts to cleanse its ranks of scalawags.

It noted, however, that the city government is gratified that the Philippine National Police-National Capital Region Police Office and the Southern Police District "did not shrink from their duty to go after all drug violators particularly those who ironically are tasked to be on the forefront of the anti-drug campaign." (PNA)