RESCUE. Personnel from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) substation in Maluso, Basilan, rescue six individuals aboard a distressed motorboat at sea near Pandak Island, Hadji Muhtamad town on Tuesday night (Feb. 28, 2023). Big waves damaged the hull of the motorboat while traveling to Zamboanga City from Jolo, Sulu. (Photo courtesy of PCG-Maluso)

ZAMBOANGA CITY – Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) personnel have rescued six persons aboard a distressed motorboat at sea in Basilan province, an official said Wednesday.

Petty Officer 1 Kitchie Kamaluddin, commander of the PCG substation in Maluso, Basilan, said the rescue took place Tuesday night in the waters off Pandak Island, Hadji Muhtamad town.

Kamaluddin said big waves damaged the hull of the motorboat while en route to this city from Jolo, Sulu, prompting Gabby Mundih, the skipper, to ask for help.

A team from the PCG Maluso substation, accompanied by a relative of the distressed motorboat passengers, heeded the call and brought them to the PCG-Maluso outpost.

Meanwhile, Kamaluddin advised the riding public to refrain from sailing in motorboats during inclement weather and rough seas.

Island dwellers regularly travel on motorboats from and to the mainland Basilan and Sulu provinces to buy essentials and visit relatives during special occasions. (PNA)