Weeklong PDEG ops net P10.4-M shabu, marijuana

By Christopher Lloyd Caliwan

April 24, 2023, 2:57 pm

MANILA – Operatives of the Philippine National Police-Drug Enforcement Group (PDEG) confiscated over PHP10.3 million worth of illegal drugs as a result of simultaneous anti-criminality law enforcement operations (SACLEO) from April 18 to 23.

In a statement Monday, PDEG chief Brig. Gen. Faro Antonio Olaguera said the PDEG conducted 25 law enforcement operations comprising four buy-busts, 19 operations for serving arrest warrants, and one search warrant operation that resulted in the arrest of 24 suspects and confiscation of one firearm.

He said the operations also led to the seizure of 56 grams of shabu and 50,000 pieces of marijuana plants, with an estimated street value of PHP10,380,800.

Olaguera said that after a few months of being under the lens of allegations and controversies, PDEG strives to recuperate its integrity in conducting transparent and lawful anti-illegal drug operations, particularly on supply reduction.

“With this number of operations, worth to mention that there were no reports of death or any armed encounter in all operations conducted by this Unit. This only shows that PDEG is conducting a fair, comprehensive and balance anti-illegal drugs strategy. Thus, it includes suppressing the flow of illegal drug supply through sustained law enforcement operations and reducing consumer demand for drugs and other substances through drug rehabilitation and massive preventive education and awareness programs,” Olaguera said.

He commended the PDEG operatives saying they don't only focus on operations, but also enhance awareness to the public against the harmful effects of dangerous drugs.

“The result of the 4th SACLEO of the PNP DEG this year is only proof that your police force is doing its mandate in suppressing the flow of illegal drugs. As the new director of PDEG, I congratulate our operatives who remain faithful to their commitment and relentless efforts to apprehend high-value individuals involved in the trafficking and distribution of illegal drugs in our country,” he added.

Olaguera, a member of the PNP Academy Class of 1989, used to be assigned with the PNP Legal Service. He replaced Brig. Gen. Narciso Domingo, who was forced to go on leave based on the directive of Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Benhur Abalos and was transferred to the Office of the Chief PNP. (PNA)