First rioters jailed in France's Grenoble

PARIS – First verdicts to participants in mass riots have been pronounced in the city of Grenoble in southeastern France, where three people were sentenced to prison terms of from three to four months, the France info radio station said on Sunday.

According to France info, the three were sentenced on charges of plunder during the unrest.

It also said that some 30 more people will face trial in this city. Most of them were detained for plundering on the night to Saturday.

Unrest broke out in France on June 27 after police shot dead a 17-year-old driver of Algerian origin in the Paris suburb of Nanterre who had failed to comply with an order to stop his car.

The police officer who shot dead the teenager was detained. The young man was buried on Saturday.

According to the French interior ministry, as many as 719 rioters were detained from the night to Sunday.

Forty-five law enforcement officers were injured. The interior ministry sent 45,000 law enforcement officers to quell riots.

More than 1,300 rioters were detained on the night to Saturday, with nearly a third of them being minors. Seventy-nine law enforcement officers were injured in clashes on the night to Saturday.

According to the country’s finance ministry, at least ten shopping malls, more than 200 supermarkets, 250 tobacco shops, and a large number of clothing and sports stores have been plundered. (TASS)