PM Denkov: Strengthening military capacity is guarantee for peace

<p>Bulgaria Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov<em> (BTA photo)</em></p>

Bulgaria Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov (BTA photo)

SOFIA, Bulgaria – Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov addressed Monday the heads of offices of the military attaché to Bulgaria's foreign representations at the opening of their conference, saying that peace is achieved when every aggressor knows that if they attack, they will be punished.

"In order for our country to feel calm, we must develop our military capacity, because the risks have not disappeared," the Prime Minister said.

Increasing military capacity will be one of the government's tasks, he added, explaining that this should not happen piece by piece.

Both the modernization of the army and the development of personnel must go hand in hand.

They must be considered not only in the context of Bulgarian capacity, but also in connection to Bulgaria's relations with its partners in the EU and NATO.

At the same time, the development of applied-scientific activity in the military field, in which Bulgaria has traditions, should be strengthened, Denkov said.

The Prime Minister noted that at least for several years now, the delay in the development of military capacity is not due to economic difficulties, because despite the various crises, Bulgaria is developing relatively well.

The problem is the political uncertainty of how to develop within the framework of the two unions.

"In recent years, Bulgaria has sent mixed signals to its partners in the EU and NATO. This sows tension and even division in society, which is a national security concern. It is for this reason that we still do not take full advantage, both in a military and in a political capacity, of the opportunities that participation in these two powerful unions gives us," Denkov pointed out.

He thanked the military attachés for their special role as military diplomats, intelligence officers, parliamentarians around the world, who gain trust for Bulgaria in partner networks and whose help the government relies on to make the right decisions. (BTA)