PBBM: DPRK must comply with UN resolutions amid missile tests

September 6, 2023, 9:29 pm

<p>24th Association of Southeast Asian Nations-Republic of Korea (ASEAN-ROK) Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia<em> (Photo from PND)</em></p>

24th Association of Southeast Asian Nations-Republic of Korea (ASEAN-ROK) Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia (Photo from PND)

MANILA – President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Wednesday underscored the need for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to fully comply with the UN Security Council Resolutions as he expressed concern over its recent surge of intercontinental ballistic missile tests.

President Marcos said in his intervention during the 24th Association of Southeast Asian Nations-Republic of Korea (ASEAN-ROK) Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia that he is honored to assess the progress of the ASEAN-ROK relations, celebrate shared success, and recommit to a future of mutual growth and cooperation.

“In the interest of maintaining peace and stability in the region, we express grave concern over the recent surge of intercontinental ballistic missile launches conducted by the DPRK,” President Marcos told South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol.

“We underscore the need for the DPRK to fully comply with all UN Security Council Resolutions,” he added.

President Yoon, for his part, delivered his country’s statement before the ASEAN-ROK Summit.

Marcos also reaffirmed his commitment to the principles embodied in the “ROK’s Audacious Initiative” aimed at achieving a denuclearized DPRK that is an essential component for sustainable peace and prosperity in the Korean Peninsula, in Northeast Asia, and the world.

“We look forward to the implementation of the Korea-ASEAN Solidarity Initiative (KASI), which will further deepen ASEAN and ROK’s collaboration on common political, economic, and social, cultural concerns,” Marcos said.

“In particular, we welcome enhancing the policy dialogue on maritime affairs with the ROK under the initiative to contribute to the overall enhancement of ASEAN-ROK comprehensive security cooperation,” the President added.

President Marcos also expressed his appreciation for the ROK’s continued support in upholding the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) as he shared concerns “on the militarization of reclaimed features; the dangerous use of coast guard and maritime militia vessels; and other coercive activities.”

“We are equally alarmed by illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing which are being detected. We thus thank the ROK, together with Japan and the United States, for reiterating the importance of international law in maintaining stability in the Indo-Pacific during the meetings recently held in Camp David (in the US),” he said.

Humanitarian assistance

The Filipino leader also took the opportunity to thank the ROK for its assistance in addressing the massive oil spill in Oriental Mindoro last April as he thanked the government for its contribution to emergency humanitarian assistance for damages caused by recent typhoons.

President Marcos also thanked the ROK for the donated 400 metric tons of rice to the Philippines through the ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR).

In terms of the economy, the President emphasized the ASEAN and ROK should continue efforts on ASEAN connectivity and further expand through the effective implementation of ASEAN-ROK economic cooperation projects and programs to enhance supply chain mutual trade.

Marcos also noted the importance of ASEAN’s strong partnership with the ROK in preserving biodiversity throughout the years, including the enhanced protection of migratory species and the conservation of their wetland habitats.

“We thank the ROK for its consistent support for the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity, located in the Philippines, in fulfilling their vision of conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. We welcome ROK’s intention to elevate their relation with ASEAN to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership,” Marcos said.

“We are optimistic that what we have achieved together in the past decades will be quickly surpassed when relations with ROK are elevated to that of a Comprehensive Strategic Partner of ASEAN,” he added.

President Marcos is in Jakarta, Indonesia for the 43rd ASEAN Summit and Related Summits. (PNA/PND)