Archdiocese of Jaro to hold second collection for IPs

By Ferdinand Patinio

October 7, 2023, 6:00 pm

<p><em>(Courtesy of Jaro Archdiocese)</em></p>

(Courtesy of Jaro Archdiocese)


MANILA – The Archdiocese of Jaro announced on Saturday that it will conduct second collections in all Masses this weekend in celebration of the National Indigenous Peoples Sunday.

In a social media post, the Jaro archdiocese said the second collection will be held in Masses this weekend.

“On this day, we honor and pray for our indigenous brothers and sisters who are in far-flung communities, preserving their culture and heritage, and care for our common home,” it said.

“As stipulated in the Ordo, we will be having our Second Collection in all anticipated Masses today and Sunday Masses tomorrow in all parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Jaro,” the Archdiocese stated.

It noted that the collected funds will be forwarded to the Curia and will be allotted for the programs and initiatives of the Archdiocesan Commission on Indigenous People.

At the same time, the Jaro archdiocese appealed for the compassion of the faithful and support the cause.

“Let us continue to support the works and initiatives of our Archdiocese and its commission through your prayers, active participation and generous contributions,” it said. (PNA)