PRC hearing 19 cases of bogus dentists

By Liza Agoot

November 28, 2023, 9:05 pm

<p><em>(PNA file photo by Robert Oswald P. Alfiler)</em></p>

(PNA file photo by Robert Oswald P. Alfiler)

BAGUIO CITY – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) here has cautioned the public about sham medical workers as the agency deals with criminal cases against 19 fake dentists.

Some of the erring individuals were discovered when they attempted to secure or renew licenses using falsified documents while some were discovered by the Civil Service Commission following a verification with the local government unit.

PRC-Cordillera regional director Juanita Domogen said increasing demand for dental braces or brackets, which have become a fad even if the patient is not really in need of them, could be a reason some individuals are tempted to do illegal practice.

“Braces cost PHP40,000 or more but the illegal practitioners charge PHP10,000 to P15,000, much cheaper than the charge of professional dentists,” she said on the sidelines of the press conference for the Education Week celebration on Tuesday.

Domogen disclosed that there are also pending administrative cases filed against other professionals, like teachers, physicians, accountants, mechanical engineers, nurses, midwife, medical technologist, and architects, who were charged for various reasons such as non-delivery of the service agreed upon with clients. (PNA)