Pope Francis: End of humanitarian truce in Gaza means death, misery

December 4, 2023, 4:26 pm

<p>Pope Francis <em>(Anadolu)</em></p>

Pope Francis (Anadolu)

LONDON – Pope Francis has voiced concern over the end of the humanitarian pause in Gaza, saying it means death and misery.

"It (resuming attacks) pains me that the truce has been broken, this means death, destruction, misery," the Pope said after his Sunday Angelus gathering, according to Vatican News.

Recalling that while several hostages were released during the pause, the pontiff, however, said that many are still in Gaza who lack basic necessities.

Pope Francis was hopeful that parties could reach a ceasefire deal as soon as possible and "find solutions other than arms, trying to take courageous paths to peace."

The Israeli army resumed bombing the Gaza Strip early Friday after declaring an end to a week-long humanitarian pause with the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas.

More than 15,200 Palestinians, mostly children and women, have been killed in Israeli attacks since Oct. 7 following a cross-border attack by Hamas.

The official Israeli death toll stands at 1,200. (Anadolu)