30 e-vehicles to support work of BTA reporters, correspondents

December 21, 2023, 5:49 pm

<p>BTA photo</p>

BTA photo

MANILA – The Bulgarian News Agency's (BTA) acquired 30 electric vehicles (EVs) to support the work of its reporters and correspondents in Sofia and across the country.

In an official ceremony on Wednesday, Bishop Polikarp of Belogradchik blessed 30 new EVs and the BTA workers, wishing that every journey ends in peace.

"May the news you offer be positive," the bishop added.

Three charging stations for the electric vehicles have also been set up in the BTA courtyard.

The event was attended by Environment Minister Julian Popov, Veliko Tarnovo Regional Governor Ivaylo Zdravkov, Sofia Deputy Mayors Nadezhda Bobcheva and Stanislav Barbutov, Sredets borough Mayor Traycho Traykov, and Bulgaria's Ambassador to Romania Radko Vlaykov.

Popov congratulated BTA for the initiative, saying the future lies in electromobility and it is coming very fast.

"By making this initiative so visible, through the BTA, I hope that many people and institutions will see where we need to go. I hope all mayors and regional governors will aspire to electrify urban and service transport completely. This is an achievable goal," Popov said.

"We need institutions to lead this work. As a Ministry, we are already moving to new cars, in the future almost all will be electric."

At the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, Popov signed an initiative for a zero-carbon government, “which means a push for all government organizations in the future to strive for faster electrification.”

"We see commercial companies switching to electric cars because it makes economic sense," he said.

On Tuesday, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Iliana Ivanova visited BTA's new EV fleet.

"I am really impressed by BTA’s initiative. We are already in the future," Ivanova said, noting that BTA serves as an example to all public institutions with its entirely electrified car park.

The space in front of the BTA building is planned to be transformed into a green, accessible, and safe pedestrian area with the opportunity to present symbols from around the world.

Traykov said the value of electric cars is most visible in densely populated urban areas.

"Sredets borough is the most central in Sofia. We are pioneers in all kinds of electronic services," he added.

The agency's fleet is made up of electric and hybrid vehicles. (BTA)