G7 urges suspension of hostilities in Gaza for hostages, aid

February 18, 2024, 11:25 am

ROME – The G7 is calling for a suspension of fighting in Gaza to ensure both the release of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas and the provision of aid to Palestinian civilians, Foreign Minister and Deputy Premier Antonio Tajani said on Saturday.

In the Middle East, the G7 "aims to guarantee the security of the state of Israel," said Tajani in a press conference at the Munich Security Conference.

"We are calling for the immediate release of hostages, we are working on de-escalation and we are calling for a suspension of fighting both to guarantee the release of hostages and to get aid to civilians who are victims of Hamas," he added.

Separately, on the sidelines of the conference, Tajani said the "carnage" of Israelis and Palestinians must end.

"The only possible solution is that of two peoples and two states, we say this very clearly to everyone," he said.

"It is obvious that some do not want this to be achieved, but we want peace and an end to this carnage that has led to the deaths of thousands of people, Israeli and Palestinian civilians. This carnage must end," added Tajani. (ANSA)