C. Luzon police launches quick response drive for business

By Manny Balbin

February 21, 2024, 4:57 pm

CAMP ALEJO SANTOS, Bulacan – The Police Regional Office 3 (PRO3) on Tuesday launched its latest anti-criminality program which will serve as an alarm scheme for business establishments that are enrolled with the system.

In a statement on Wednesday, PRO3 chief Brig. Gen. Jose Hidalgo Jr. said the main goal of the "Quick Dial Quick Response" initiative is to establish a direct link between business owners and the local police.
Businessmen who would need assistance just have to dial the dedicated cellular phone number of the police station and even without any conversation, this would trigger the quick deployment of a police response team to their area.

Hidalgo said the project is also designed to enhance the efficiency of quick law enforcement operations within Central Luzon's area of responsibility (AOR) and integrates the contact information of police stations for quick access of the enrolled business entities.

"The project 'Quick Dial Quick Response' would capitalize on the power of modern technology. This innovative initiative leverages cellular phone’s all key dialing capabilities to facilitate emergency calls that would prompt police response to address crime and public safety emergencies," he said.

In case of crime incidents, Hidalgo said that upon receiving the call, the police station, without answering, will immediately dispatch police officers to the location of the business establishment, expediting the response to emergencies such as robberies, hold-ups and others that necessitate police action. (PNA)