Consumers warned vs. using smartwatches to measure blood glucose

February 23, 2024, 12:12 pm



ISTANBUL – The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned consumers of the risks related to using smartwatches or smart rings that measure blood glucose levels without piercing the skin.

"These devices are different than smartwatch applications that display data from FDA-authorized blood glucose measuring devices that pierce the skin, like continuous glucose monitoring devices (CGMs)," it said Wednesday in a statement.

"For people with diabetes, inaccurate blood glucose measurements can lead to errors in diabetes management, including taking the wrong dose of insulin, sulfonylureas, or other medications that can rapidly lower blood glucose," it said.

"Taking too much of these medications can quickly lead to dangerously low glucose, leading to mental confusion, coma, or death within hours of the error."

The FDA said it has not authorized, cleared or approved any smartwatch or smart ring that is intended to measure or estimate blood glucose values on its own.

"Sellers of these smartwatches and smart rings claim their devices measure blood glucose levels without requiring people to prick their finger or pierce the skin. They claim to use non-invasive techniques," said the statement.

"These smartwatches and smart rings do not directly test blood glucose levels." (Anadolu)