Deadline of bids for 2025 polls e-transmission system reset to Feb. 29

By Ferdinand Patinio

February 26, 2024, 4:40 pm

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MANILA – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Monday moved anew the deadline for the submission of bids for the Secure Electronic Transmission Services (SETS) project for the May 2025 midterm polls.

"This Supplemental/Bid Bulletin No. 2 is being issued to notify the public and all interested parties that the scheduled submission, receipt, and opening of bids is hereby reset from 28 February 2024 to 29 February 2024," the Comelec-Special Bids and Awards Committee (SBAC) said in Bid Bulletin No. 2.

The decision to move the deadline a day after its original date was in response to the request of prospective bidders for an extension.

"May we request for an extension on the submission of the bid for at least 10 working days (2 weeks)? This will give us ample time to prepare and study our bid offer," China Mobile International said.

Last month, the Comelec opened the public bidding for the PHP1.64 billion SETS project.

Initially the deadline for the submission of bids was set on Feb. 14 but was moved to Feb. 28.

The venue for the submission and receipt of bids is still at the SBAC Secretariat Office at the Far East Managers and Investors Incorporated (FEMII) Building in Intramuros, Manila on or before 9 a.m.

The opening of bids will be held at the Bureau of Treasury Convention Hall at the Palacio del Gobernador Building in Intramuros, Manila at 10:30 a.m.

Last week, the Comelec awarded to the Joint Venture of Miru Systems Co Ltd, Integrated Computer Systems, St. Timothy Construction Corporation, and Centerpoint Solutions Technologies Inc. (MIRU-ICS-STCC-CPSTI) the Full Automation System with Transparency Audit/Count (FASTrAC) project worth over PHP18 billion.

Meanwhile, Comelec chairman George Garcia said they are ready to answer any questions on their decision to tap Miru Systems for the project before the Supreme Court.

Garcia issued the statement after poll watchdog Democracy Watch Philippines questioned the South Korean firm's credibility and its previous performances in other countries.

"Officials, experts, and citizens alike are still on standby for an exhaustive explanation from Miru, alongside the Comelec's Special Bids and Awards Committee (SBAC) and Technical Working Group (TWG), to address the growing concerns brought to light by independent observers. The continued silence serves only to fuel rumors, suggesting that these unresolved issues are indeed valid. It is a matter of principle that decisions of this magnitude are steered by solid facts and transparency, rather than lingering doubts and shrouded in mystery," Democracy Watch Philippines convenor Lloyd Zaragoza earlier said. (PNA)