38% of Americans believe US doing too much for Israel



NEW YORK – Nearly four in 10 Americans said the US is doing too much to support Israel in its war in the Gaza Strip.

An April 25 - 30 survey of 2,260 adults by US News Ipsos revealed that Americans are divided on the US’ Israel policies.

The survey revealed that 38 percent said the US was doing too much to support Israel, 20 percent saw too little US support for Israel and 40 percent said Washington’s backing is about right.

The same survey also showed that 37 percent trust former President Donald Trump more than President Joe Biden to handle the issue, at 29 percent.

While 33 percent of respondents said they did not trust either, 1percent did not express an opinion.

The survey was conducted with English and Spanish-speaking adults who were randomly selected from the Internet at the national level. (Anadolu)