Acting mayor halts printing of PWD cards; reviews issuance policy

By John Rey Saavedra

May 23, 2024, 10:37 pm

<p>Cebu City Acting Mayor Raymond Alvin Garcia. <em>(PNA file photo)</em></p>

Cebu City Acting Mayor Raymond Alvin Garcia. (PNA file photo)

CEBU CITY – Acting Mayor Raymond Alvin Garcia on Thursday ordered the suspension of printing of identification cards for persons with disabilities (PWDs) residing in the city.

At the same time, Garcia ordered the review of the policy in the issuance of PWD IDs after Councilor Jake Cuenco exposed that even able-bodied individuals were able to get these in exchange for PHP4,000.

In a press conference, Garcia said he ordered the City Administrator’s Office to review the guidelines and momentarily stop the printing of PWD IDs following Cuenco’s privileged speech last Wednesday.

In his speech, Cuenco said PWD ID cards are issued even to non-PWDs in exchange for up to PHP4,000.

“I have three orders to our city administrator. One, review the guidelines on how you can get a PWD ID. Two, temporarily stop the printing of PWD IDs pending review of the policy. And three, investigate employees who are behind the printing of IDs to non-PWDs,” Garcia said.

The city officials are yet to determine the number of IDs issued to non-PWDs.

Cuenco said giving out IDs to those who do not belong to the PWD sector but enjoy discounts at commercial establishments has an impact on the economic establishments.

Garcia said “that is a loss of revenue to the government.” (PNA)