By Lorraine Marie Badoy

The Pied Piper of Death a.k.a. Anakbayan 101

January 15, 2020, 6:02 pm

HOW does a child become a member of the terrorist group, Communist Party of the Philippines - New People's Army - National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF)?

Is there an office one goes to fill out a form that says, “Yes I want to destroy my one precious life, break the hearts of my parents and in the process, overthrow the government and destroy the democratic processes of my country.

Oh, and while I’m at it, there’s a huge chance, I will get killed, buried in a shallow grave and my parents will walk the earth all the days of their grievous lives searching and never finding me.”?

Is there such an office? Nope, sorry.

Nothing as simple as that when dealing with the most duplicitous scoundrels this side of the planet. If there were such an office, it would have been so much easier for parents to throw their bodies on whatever office that may be to prevent their children from marching off to their early deaths. Instead what faces them is this slow and deliberate dance of seduction by this terrorist group that exploits their nobility and youthful idealism.

For an unbearable number of them, this is where the slippery slope that leads to death and destruction starts: school. And school authorities who look away for a number of reasons –not the least of which is because the tentacles of this terrorist group have reached the academe as well. (And the church, media, Congress, civil society, labor, farmers’ group, women’s sector, ENVIRONMENT, etc etc)

The first step down the road to perdition for a lot of our children—because indeed they are MINORS-- is to be recruited by the above-ground/legal organization of the CPP-NPA-NDF, Anakbayan or the LFS.

At this point, not all of them are aware that these nefarious organizations are headed by the CPP-NPA-NDF.  But softening of the ground has started when they join Anakbayan or LFS.

This is where they are radicalized, agitated and taught to hate and have a deep mistrust for the government. Where brainwashing and therefore the rewiring of their brains start.

May problema sa lipunan.
May naapi na sektor.
At walang ginagawa ang gobyerno.

That, basically, is the oft-repeated refrain of Anakbayan/LFS and all above-ground organizations of the CPP-NPA-NDF. Their bait, in other words, to reel in the unsuspecting good-hearted children you raised to be compassionate.

So even if they get an education on the wings of taxpayer’s money (free college education!) and even if they paid a grand total of nothing after surgery at the UP PGH (universal health care!) or even if they read that the President has been giving away land to farmers in record numbers or even if they read about 6 million Filipinos being taken out of poverty by this government, it doesn’t register.

They are taught about societal ills. All well and good because this is what good schools and families ought to teach their children: that social injustice exists and as compassionate human beings, they must take part in leveling the playing field for the poorest of the poor. But unlike good schools and families, the CPP-NPA-NDF has no interest in teaching your children to be compassionate human beings.

The only thing our children are to these terrorists is pieces of meat to be placed in the firing line of a war they wage against the country for which the one and only end goal is to topple the government and install themselves in power. Once inside Anakbayan or LFS, our children are then led even deeper down the rabbit’s hole.

This time to the Kabataang Makabayan -- the below-ground organization of Anakbayan and LFS.

What is the difference between Anakbayan/LFS and Kabataang Makabayan? Anakbayan/LFS are legal organizations that front for KM. Kabataang Makabayan is illegal and operates in the shadows.

What makes the KM illegal? The armed component whose aim is the violent overthrow of the government.

The next step then after membership in the KM is the dreaded ‘immersion’ that happens on the anniversary of the NPA—Dec 26-- where they are brought to the countryside — and where they get to meet for the first time the self-proclaimed ‘tagapagtanggol ng masa’ — the terrorists, NPA. They are then inundated with lies and phony testimonials of heroism by these extortionists and murderers.

The ground has now been softened and the seed can now be planted: may pangangailangan sa armadong pakikibaka. This is the whispered seduction.

When they go back home, the indoctrination and radicalization levels up.

At around March to April, the Pied Piper of Death whispers to your child: “There is a need for warriors to fight this war to overthrow the government. Will you join in our crusade for social justice ek ek?”

And it is at this point when the brainwashing is complete that your child becomes a full-fledged NPA terrorist armed to the teeth, marching to whatever valley of death the macabre Pied Piper leads her to. Because indeed, this has been the sad fate of unbearable numbers of Filipino children whose goodness and innocence were used against them by these monsters, seduced into a movement that spelled nothing but death and destruction of a nation. But not without sacrificing our children first in their altar of extremism.

At the Anakbayan/LFS level, the end goal is to blame the government. At the Kabataang Makabayan level, the end goal becomes the overthrow of the government through violent means — the final alignment with the goal of the terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF.

Which brings me to my next point: the Anakbayan Spokesperson, Alex Danday. You can’t be that high up on the hierarchy of Anakbayan if you aren’t a ranking party member of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

I’d like to challenge Alex Danday to publicly deny she is a ranking member of the CPP-NPA-NDF. And in case she does, what I challenge her to do next is to denounce the horrific atrocities of the CPP-NPA-NDF. Can you do this, Alex? If you can’t, why not?

None of the officers of Anakbayan are officers⁰ because they were elected by their peers. For the scandalously hypocritical terrorists who claim to fight for democracy, there is no democracy to be had.They were placed there by the highest party members of the CPP NPA NDF. Therefore ALL officers of Anakbayan are ranking members of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Anakbayan, to belabor the point, is CPP-NPA-NDF-led, fully and completely aligned with the communist group's end goal of overthrowing the government and wresting of power from this government. So when they ask for donations supposedly for victims of Taal or Typhoon Tisoy, you already know exactly where your money, clothes, food is going: the terrorist CPP NPA NDF.

And you know what it’s for: to fund and support the destruction of this country.

On top of that, the one major function of Anakbayan is to lure our children into their terrorist lair which is why they have an avalanche of cases filed against them by parents who have lost their children to this terrorist group.

Alex Danday, for instance, personally recruited Queenielyn Gromeo —the child who was run over during the rally in front of the US Embassy in 2016, and Trisha Antoniano — when they were both 16 years old. They have since been confirmed to be card-carrying members of the NPA.

Alex Danday recruited Louvaine Espina when she was 16, just on her 2nd sem in college. The last time anything was heard of Louvaine was December 2018 and there is no proof of life for this child. Alicia Lucena was 16 when she was indoctrinated by Alex Danday as well.

And during the Congressional Hearing on the recruitment of our children by the Anakbayan, it was 18-year old Alicia they chose to face members of Congress. Anakbayan National Secretary General Einstein Recedes who must be in his late 30s, in other words, didn’t have the balls to show up.

And after they had used her, they spirited her away so that her mother would not be able to, at the very least, enclose this child she last saw 6 months ago in her arms. And doubtless, to use her further.

Makabayan members of the House of Representatives looked on as Alicia was used as bait and then refused to give Alicia to her mother. Because indeed, this is what Anakbayan is all about: putting our children in harm’s way and the destruction of our country—at whatever the cost.

Here’s the thing though.

Alex Danday is only 20 years old. Like Alicia, like unbearable numbers of Filipino children, she is being used by this terrorist group headed by the decrepit coward in Nederlands, Joma Sison and his band of ancient crypt keepers to do so much of their dirty work. This matter of asking for donations, for instance, of which Alex Danday labors to justify with all sorts of comical nonsense.

Presidential Decree 564 or the Solicitation Permit Law requires that anyone soliciting from the public ought to have a Permit to Solicit. Anakbayan has NONE, zero, nada according to the DSWD Standards Bureau and DSWD Region 3.

Alex, do you even know this? Your feeble bosses with creaky knees are putting a 20-year old you squarely in the line of fire.

This then is what I want Einstein Recedes to do: deny publicly that Alex Danday is a ranking member of the CPP-NPA-NDF. Then deny that he is a ranking member of the CPP-NPA-NDF. If he denies this, let him prove it by denouncing in public the horrendous atrocities of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Betcha this coward won’t. Betcha he’ll let 20-year old Alex fight this battle for the old cowardly fogeys of the terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF.

But then, does this even surprise us when the terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF is headed by the biggest coward who has the biggest mouth — and ONLY because he is a continent away — and has been living in continental splendor for 37 years in the lap of European comfort while his dimwitted minions starve and sleep in the mud fighting his senseless battle for him?

I am not, in the least bit, surprised.


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