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Family in the eyes of communists

February 4, 2020, 3:15 pm

By Victoria Patria


YES, Russian President Vladimir Putin is absolutely correct. The primary and principal consequence of communism, even at the stage of its building process that functionally starts with the stage of socialism--which is social revolution towards the establishment of the DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT, it is the FAMILY as the basic social foundation from the so-called 'bourgeois dominated capitalist state', that is being SYSTEMATICALLY and IMMEDIATELY DESTROYED.

The philosophy of Marx, which was being published and explained by his benefactor, Frédérich Engels in the book: THE  ORIGIN OF FAMILY AND PRIVATE PROPERTY, Marx and Engels asserted that FAMILY was a creation of the bourgeoisie-- the capitalists and exploiters so that they can control and monopolize the private ownership of the means of production which include the land, machinery, equipment, financial and other resources of society, including the patrimony and natural resources.

Family, according to the book of Engels, is an offshoot of an exploitative social practice known as 'monogamous marriage' which according to the communists, through monogamous marriage and establishing families from communal clans and tribal enclaves in the ancient primitive communal and slave societies, the bourgeois capitalists imposed the structure of family as a mechanism to control and monopolize the private ownership of the means of production including the monopoly of control to the private appropriation of profit and income.

For Marx, Engels, Lenin and those who believed and continue to do so in the real philosophy and mission of communism, FAMILY is nothing but an instrument of social control for MONOPOLY OF PRIVATE PROPERTIES AND MONOPOLY OF PRIVATE APPROPRIATION OF PROFIT. Therefore family should be the first to be destroyed as a social foundation of private property monopoly ownership.

But Russian President Putin logically and concretely debunks this communist philosophy on family and social relations. He rightfully puts the rebuttal, by stating, and I paraphrased: an individual, a child who grows up and lives with a dysfunctional family becomes a defective person, so it follows as well that such an individual becomes also a dysfunctional member of society. Putin asserts that it is in a family that love us nurtured, and so with love and a happy family, a person becomes complete.

Therefore, social revolution through socialism towards attaining modern communism can not proceed and succeed to build a new and ideal society when the first that they would systematically destroy is the family where people grow to become complete persons and as productive members of society.

The communists' perspectives on how they view family explain the values that they have: that they look at people as simple as mechanical social elements that can be programmed through mechanical social distortion process known by their jargon as SOCIALISM, DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT, COMMUNISM.

The communists failed to understand one very important point: People are human beings. They have an advanced type of brains in the entire animal kingdom, so they can think and feel with rationality; and so the mechanical absolutism of communism, and its instrument that is socialism, can not become a reality for mankind since they view the development of people in such mechanical absolutism. LOVE, FAMILY. These will make an individual become complete as a person, and as a fundamental part of every society.

(Victoria Patria is national coordinator of Sentrong Alyansa ng mga Mamamayan Para Sa Bayan [SAMBAYANAN])




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