By Jun Ledesma

Who are likely to use viral and chemical weapons?

February 28, 2020, 5:19 pm

A NUMBER of xenophobic videos have been going around the social media depicting brutalities by the Beijing government on its own people that had been infected by COVID-19. A trained eye can easily detect that the video clips were fabricated but to others, the news reports and documentaries can pass for real.

A simpler way to check the veracity of these unkind and cruel denigrations of China is to ascertain whether these "sinophobic" dispatches are shown or published in legitimate networks and known leading publications. Carnage, like shooting or incinerating of people suspected to have been contaminated by coronavirus would be gobbled up by news correspondents of major media networks. If they can cover wars and terrorism, covering epidemics is a walk in the park. None of those which are being circulated via Viber, messenger and other social media platforms merits space and time in print and broadcast media.

Whatever are the ideological persuasions, no government on this planet will exterminate its own people on account of a viral epidemic. It is, of course, diabolic for those who fabricate stories out of sheer hatred and envy of the success and advancement of China. History will tell us that China has never used any viral or chemical weapons to deal with aggressors neither with its enemies within. On the other hand, the west showed no compunctions in using these lethal weapons of war. The US used orange gas not only to kill vegetation cover but helpless civilians when it invaded Vietnam. The UK used opium to weaken Chinese resistance to conquer Shanghai and Hong Kong. Remember? The West has used superior arms to kill Filipinos - men, women, and children - in Samar and Sulu. Remember?

All these are recorded in the annals of our ancient and current history, and today we are fed with fabricated videos to picture such morbid atrocities allegedly being committed by Chinese leaders on its own people! Sadly, we become accomplices to this despicable black propaganda by passing these materials via Viber and messenger and other media in social media. And we shiver in fear and apprehension because we believe in the ripper that we ourselves help create.

Of course, COVID-19 is a threat to health. To help ourselves with the truth proper guidance believe only what news and pieces of advice that comes from the World Health Organization, our own Department of Health and local legitimate health authorities. Do not fall prey to the purveyors of fake news and rumor mongers.





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Mr. Jun Ledesma is a community journalist who writes from Davao City and comments from the perspective of a Mindanaoan.