By Jun Ledesma

A letter to Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte

TODAY, I am giving way to a letter sent to me by a certain Mark Adie. Since we neither know each other from Adam nor are we Facebook friends, he sent his letter to one I know and who in turn sent this to me. I had posted this on my wall and since then it had been shared by many. I am deeply touched by his message that I thought that if this piece written by someone out there could give a bit of compassion and relief to the heavily-laden leader, then, by all means, this letter should find all means to get it to the President’s table. Read on:
By Mark Adie
“I did not vote for this man.
I do not agree with some of his policies, I do not enjoy his habit of cussing during his speeches, I am not a fan.
But I looked beyond his shortcomings because he was duly elected.
And because he was elected President by fellow Filipinos, then he is my President.
He deserves my respect. OUR respect.
His recent speech shows how courageous he is. How? By admitting that he doesn't know how to move on from here. Only the bravest of men would admit his weaknesses. It takes guts. By admitting that he is worried, worried about OUR future, makukuha niyo pa bang maging negatibo? Nagagawa niyo pang batikusin? Yung paghingi ba ng tulong sa mga may kaya sa buhay ay tanda ng isang failure? Ng kahinaan? I don't think so.
Ang iniisip at inaalala niya - Paano na ba tayo. TAYO.
Mr. President, you are strong and strong-willed, and you know that. You have a great big heart. We will get through this. Whatever it takes to make sure na mabubuhay ng mas mahaba ang mas nakararami. Fuck the rest who prefers to mud sling and steal the spotlight and spit on you. When they spit on the President, they spit on their countrymen and they don't even know it.
Sa ganitong klaseng crisis, we should help the government. Stand with the government.
Stay healthy, Sir. Kailangan ka ng Pilipinas.
This morning I got a message (post) from the letter sender. His full name is Mark Joseph Adecer.
Mark, this is the best that I can do. I am confined in my home in compliance ur with national and local leadership. Your letter delivers its mark on the solar plexus of those who endlessly whine and inspire those who abide and stand by the President in this time of world immense crisis. We shall overcome.


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