By Jun Ledesma

It’s not about Scarborough

THIS brouhaha about debates over Scarborough and Duterte on a jet ski is nothing but boredom inducers.

The previous administration gave it up and even allowed China to do reclamation work using the soil mined from the mountains of Zambales and mine tailings from Tawi-Tawi islands. Tonying Carpio and Berting del Rosario convinced Noynoy Aquino that they go to the Hague, hire judges to set up an arbitral court so they can take back what they have given up.  They knew that China will not participate in that moro-moro. Of course, that court ruled in their favor but there is nothing in that ruling which tells China to give back the island and other rocks around it to the Philippines. 

Debate? What would the proposition be? Will one still subject to a debate on the indubitable fact that the immediate past administration gave up the Panatag shoal? The more Carpio and Del Rosario fan the embers of that lost cause, the more they expose their motives. Did it ever occur to them that one day people will unearth why the Philippine panel would bring a retinue of about 50 people to watch that zarzuela at the Hague? There is really nothing in Hague to entertain them, but the steamy Amsterdam is just a wink away. If Joma loves it there when he gets bored at Ultrech why not the 50 hangers-on?

Uncle Sam will not go to war for the  Philippines over that sheet of paper, as Digong would aptly describe it.  Tonying and Berting are now pushing Digong to go to war for them. Look what happens to Hamas when they taunted the might of Israel. 

And now come to the childish stooges of the Otso Deretso having a photo taken of them with a jet ski. The jesters posted it on Facebook to remind us of Digong’s electoral ‘promise’ that he would ride a jet ski and plant the Philippine flag in the Scarborough. This after Digong declared that those who believe his joke about the jet ski ride are plain idiots.  

But what could be more shocking than the Ruling Party President,  Manny Pakyaw,  believing the Chairman’s joke? He also belittles Digong foray in engaging China’s Pres. Xi Jinping in a bilateral talk instead of following the line of Carpio and Del Rosario and their cabal. Frankly, I still cannot understand why President Digong is keeping a rat in his closet. Melvin Matibag, of PDP-Laban bared that party members are not comfortable with pugilist Pakyaw singing the opposition tune. 

When one sums up all the incendiary speeches and grandstanding these all boil down to the 2022 elections. Consider these: 

Tonying Carpio had this dream of running for President. Thus he mounted a stage along with a coterie of whatever vestiges are left in the Aquino administration, the crumbling Liberal Party, Oust-Duterte movement, and a mishmash of leftist political party organizations to start his rocket to fame. Tonying even had a name for their opposition phalanx- 1Sambayan.  It pretends to be united against Digong. Looking at the personalities, their ambitions, and their avowed ideologies, however, 1Sambayan is bound to self-destruct even before it can take off. Look, his tokayo Tonyo Trillanes just announced he is running for president in 2022  since VP Leni Robredo, so he claims, is running for governor in Camarines Sur.  And see how quickly Robredo denied the claim of Trillanes that Robredo has given up on her bid for President.

Carpio wants to be President but so does Robredo and  Trillanes. To ensure that he wins he chose the right enemy - Rodrigo Duterte. At least this Tonying, although not appointed by Gloria Arroyo and Noynoy Aquino to be Chief Justice, is bright enough to know that whoever Digong will endorse will win the 2022 presidential race.  But note that while he demonizes and destroys the President’s credibility, he side-swiped Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, never mind if she is married to lawyer Mans Carpio. Tonying knew too well that Inday is the woman to beat.  Mans dismissed Tonyings pot shots by saying “I cannot choose my relatives”. 

That’s Tonying Carpio and his elusive dream. With all his diatribes against the President and the Presidential daughter in all surveys he still can barely muster 1%.  He should be grateful for that dismal performance for he doesn’t deserve a nudge from the iron lady who, unlike the father, simply ignored him. But for the fools hope springs eternal. 

In the case of Pakyaw, he better concentrate on boxing. The senate is not even fit for him but Filipinos are sentimental and kind. What is one senate seat in the slate of 12 for a man who got himself pummeled, won a title, and brought pride to the Philippines?. I spared one vote for him ...but the Presidency? Pakyaw should come to his senses or he will forever sleep with his ego in the dirty political canvas. 


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Mr. Jun Ledesma is a community journalist who writes from Davao City and comments from the perspective of a Mindanaoan.