COTABATO CITY -- A town mayor in North Cotabato on Wednesday called on his village officials to seriously support the campaign against illegal drugs of President Duterte to save the future of the younger generation.

Speaking to local officials, Makilala Mayor Rudy Caoagdan also reminded some officials of the town's 38 barangay of their duty and responsibility to protect their respective constituents from the harmful effects of illegal drugs that may ruin their lives, dreams and aspirations.

He said that the President has been very serious in his desire to rid the country of illegal drugs and drug personalities.
“Let us do our share, this is for the future of our children,” he told local officials.

The Makilala police has been active in anti-drug operations since the Duterte administration assumed office last year.

Caoagdan also warned officials allegedly involved in illegal drugs to immediately stop. Otherwise, he will not hesitate to lead the police in enforcing anti-drug laws.

He urged his constituents to report to him elected public officials in Makilala who are into illegal drugs, assuring them information will remain confidential.

To help the youth do away with illegal drugs, Caoagdan directed barangay officials to proactively involve the children and youth in their respective community.

“Educate them on the ill-effects of illegal drugs,” he told officials. “Get them involved in various programs in the barangay so they will not be lured to illegal activities.”

To parents, Caoagdan reminded them of their roles as protector of their children by closely monitoring their activities, especially the teenagers who are easy prey of illegal drug peddlers.(PNA)