LTO to deputize 156 policemen in Pangasinan

By Hilda Austria

May 21, 2018, 12:38 pm

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan — The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will deputize some 156 police personnel for road traffic duties in the province.

The Regional Deputation Executive Committee (RDEC) of the LTO, in coordination with the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office (PPO), will conduct a three-day deputation seminar on May 23 to 25 to deputize policemen.

In an interview Monday, LTO Dagupan chief Danny Martinez, who is also a member of the RDEC, said they target to deputize a maximum of three policemen from each of the 44 towns and six from each of the four cities in the province.

“They will undergo the three-day seminar to update their knowledge on traffic laws and a test will be administered if indeed they are qualified to implement the national traffic laws,” Martinez said.

Upon deputation, the policemen will have the authority to confiscate license of traffic violators and impound vehicles as part of their implementation of national traffic laws.

“They will also issue a temporary operators permit (TOP) and no longer a traffic citation ticket,” he added.

The measure has emanated from the successful creation of Task Force Maharlika by the PPO and LTO, which according to Martinez collected some PHP1.6 million from violation fees.

“The task force not only successfully executed the law but also educated motorists on the traffic laws, however, we need to re-educate and deputize our policemen in order to employ the new laws,” he said.

Meanwhile, Martinez advised the motorists to look for the identification of deputized policemen and check that they issue a TOP as a safeguard to them, since only those deputized by LTO can confiscate license and impound vehicles. (PNA)