OTTAWA -- A total of 90 heat warnings were in effect in eight of Canada's 10 provinces Tuesday morning, according to Environment Canada.

Environment Canada warned that much of the provinces will see temperature between 29 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees on Tuesday, with humidex values potentially topping 40. Similar conditions were expected on Wednesday.

The heat event in those provinces will likely last for four or five days, Environment Canada Tuesday said.

Highs around 30 degrees were expected to persist until Friday in Vancouver and until Saturday in Calgary and Edmonton.

Environment Canada's David Phillips warned that the extreme temperatures seen around the world in recent months will be the norm for this time of year in decades to come and that this summer's weather is a "dress rehearsal" of what is to come.

"This kind of global heat wave and extreme temperatures that we're seeing this summer is really going to be summer in the future," he told CTV. "We won't be talking about it in 30 to 40 years because that will be the normal kind of condition."

"The planet is on fire, it's overheated and we're seeing the impacts of that in terms of people dying from the heat waves, crops are burning up and we're seeing wildfires. All that is related to the fact that we're under global fever," he added. (Xinhuanet)