PAL targets net zero carbon emission by 2050

By Ma. Cristina Arayata

October 28, 2022, 7:14 pm

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(File photo)

MANILA -- Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) announced Friday it is eyeing to achieve net zero carbon emission by 2050.

The airline is investing in an all-out carbon reduction program as part of a multi-year commitment to combat climate change.

This initiative, PAL said, "comes at a crucial time for the international aviation industry, which is seeking to further lessen its environmental impact in response to the global scientific community’s clarion call against irreversible climate change."

It added that this initiative will be holistic and comprehensive, covering both flight and ground operations. The process began by shifting to renewable energy for the electricity supply of its major offices, and working on the potential use of sustainable aviation fuel to power its fleet.

PAL has tapped a Filipino scientist to help the firm achieve the net zero carbon emission goal.

Through the guidance of an expert, PAL aims to conduct comprehensive assessments of its overall greenhouse gas emissions and move toward full decarbonization.    

“Being the country’s flag carrier, we recognize that our essential role in bridging our country and the rest of the world goes hand in hand with the need for climate action across international borders,” said PAL president Stanley Ng in a statement. 

The airline targets to develop the following: a roadmap for its own net zero emissions strategy; emissions scenarios projected until 2050 using internationally accepted models and relevant standards; science and evidence-based targets for the entire PAL community. 

PAL said it has been implementing fuel efficiency initiatives such as single-engine taxiing and reduced acceleration altitude. (PNA)