Dengue on a downtrend in Central Visayas

By John Rey Saavedra

August 1, 2023, 8:47 pm

<p><em>(PNA file photo)</em></p>

(PNA file photo)

CEBU CITY – Erratic weather conditions that bring about alternating cold and warm temperatures have contributed to a decrease in dengue cases in Central Visayas, a health official said on Tuesday.

Dr. Ronald Jarvik Buscato, program manager of the Department of Health-Central Visayas (DOH-7)’s Communicable Diseases Section, said they recently tallied 3,600 dengue cases in the first half of 2023, which is 69 percent lower than the figure in the same period last year.

“If you look at the weather pattern, unlike in the past when June was a rainy month. Today, our weather is alternating. But the risk of having a dengue outbreak is still there,” Buscato told the media during the Open Line Forum here.

Buscato also said they observed that the most dengue-affected age group is no longer children but adults 21 years old and above, implying a lesser risk of dengue in schools compared to households that have become the breeding areas for mosquitoes.

“Even in dengue deaths, we listed 15 which is very low as compared to 40 deaths last year,” Buscato added.

He encouraged the public to keep their surroundings clean to prevent the proliferation of dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

He underscored the “5-S” guide against dengue which includes searching and destroying breeding places to avert the proliferation of mosquitoes by regular sweeping of the surroundings and cleaning up of stagnant waterways.

Individuals who experience symptoms of dengue must seek early consultation, Buscato said, while those who are living in dengue-prone areas should observe self-protection measures and avoid bites.

The community, he added, should support fogging initiatives, especially in times of an outbreak.

Those who have been suffering from the symptoms should keep hydrated to prevent dengue deaths, Buscato said. (PNA)