By Jun Ledesma

WHAT kind of son is he who has the gall to disown his mother just because they differ in opinions and options? How vainglorious can a son get just because he thought he is free from the umbilical cord of his mother and is now on his own and can afford to renounce the woman who brought him into this world. 

And Lorenzo?  He did it in a fashion that only a mad extremist deals with its victims. Gory, agonizing, cruel and showed it on the social media platform for the world to see and read. 

His act is worse than the biblical prodigal son. His is not a parable, it’s not a fable. He is a pulsating character angry at the choice of his mother, Loren Legarda, a distinguished senator who opted to run for the senate anew under the UniTeam. His exact  words read in part: 

“My mother, a woman named Loren Legarda, is running for senator on a slate led by a Marcos and a Duterte. I am absolutely disgusted by my mother and what she had decided to do. It sickens me and makes me want to die. I need everyone to know that Loren Legarda lost his son forever because of this”. 

This is merely an excerpt of a long venomous letter. Lorenzo,  bared in his letter that he was born in 1990 and left the country five years ago, and has not returned since then. Obviously, he is a post martial law baby. While he talks of what he vicariously knew of the martial law regime he rants about how the succeeding regimes “whitewashed” the horrors of the past and blamed her mother for her acquiescence and branded her a fascist. 

Strangely he attributed his absence for half a decade of what he describes as “absolute horror” for the recent six years. It is not surprising that he sent his letter to Rappler. The temper is no different from Maria Ressa’s incantation that the Philippines is worst than any country at war. He calls his mom a fascist for running in a slate led by A Marcos and A Duterte. He should have given his mother some credits for joining a team with A Duterte. Duterte's six years of presidency fixed the horrible years of the two Aquino regimes which apparently is the standard of governance he wants to be restored.  

Sad that he has not returned to his native land during the incumbency of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. He could have seen how the country metamorphosed in just six years. Either he took hook-line-and sinker what Ressa is badmouthing the Philippines or merely stonewalling the big stride that the country had achieved. 

Come home Lorenzo and see for yourself why Solar Philippines Power Project Holdings, which was founded and chaired by your younger brother Leandro, has become the country’s leading renewable energy solutions with the healthy investment climate provided under, what you derogatorily referred to as, A Duterte. 

The woman named Loren Legarda you sadly disowned and referred to as a fascist remains to be one of the top senatorial bets and remains to be one of the nation’s most trusted political leaders. 

About the Columnist

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Mr. Jun Ledesma is a community journalist who writes from Davao City and comments from the perspective of a Mindanaoan.