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What great leaders are made of

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By Jun Ledesma

There is something diabolically dubious and desperate in the political opposition strategy to discredit and demonize Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

On the heels of the success of the government to decimate and permanently neutralized the vicious Maute ISIS which earned the Philippine Armed Forces and their Commander in Chief the international plaudits the Yellowtards have shifted their tirade against Duterte by drafting equally desperate mouthpieces who will not stop at employing bellow-the-belt blows and down to earth unprofessional.

In the most recent assault on the President, a psychiatrist, identified later as Dr. Ana Junia, came out from the cold and blasted medical practitioners for supporting President Duterte in his war on drugs.

In an apparent malicious and unethical language Junia, in a social media post, recommended that doctors supportive of Duterte should be reviewed by the ethics board and sanctioned.

In a statement that is spiced with hubris and downright insults, Junia added that doctors not voicing out against the murder of 3-million are complicit to the killing. 

The statement did not amuse a well known cardiologist, Dr. Francisco Tranquilino of the Asian Hospital and Medical Center.

“It is illogical and deplorable to say that if a doctor is not speaking out against the government's conduct in its drug war, then he or she becomes complicit in the murder of three million," he said, adding that the anti-Duterte doctor is proceeding from a wrong premise and malicious. 

In a stinging rebuke to Junia's post, Dr. Tranquilino asked the psychiatrist "whoever told her that the solution to drug problem is murder?"

He went on to say that murder is evil.

"But where in the hell did you get the idea that all deaths related to the war on drugs are state-sanctioned? Yes , the police maybe involved in some, but these are not sanctioned by the government. It is no way near that,” he lectured on Junia. 

Dr. Tranquilino, who is a Fellow of the Philippine College of Physician and an Associate of the Philippine Heart Association, questioned where Dr. Junia got her figure of 3-million killed in drug war which he said is fake.

I suggest you clear your facts first before accusing your colleague of any unethical conduct. Otherwise such malicious, unsubstantiated allegations against a colleague may constitute violation of the Professional Regulation Commission and the Philippine Medical Association Code of Ethics. 

Now, if this is not enough, as if on cue, the dye-in-the wool critic of President Duterte, former Economic Planning Secretary Solita Monsod, joined the fray.

In her column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Monsod questioned "whether or not President Duterte is capable of running the country due to his narcissistic behavior".  

Again Dr. Tranquilino did not let this pass. In educating Mareng Winnie on the behavioral trait of the Philippine President, medical journals are replete with citations that the world's greatest leaders display some kind of narcissistic syndrome described by Monsod.

Those who belong to the same category as Duterte are: John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher, George W. Bush, Woodrow Wilson, Tony Blair and Richard Nixon to name a few.

Surely, Duterte is in good company.

Monsod's stereotype of leaders, Cory Aquino, under whom she served as economic adviser, and Benigno Simeon Aquino III are not in the list.

Now we know why the duo almost pushed our country on the edge of a failed state.

BSAIII has some kind of psychiatric disorder but it's not the type of syndrome Monsod described which great men are afflicted with.

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Mr. Jun Ledesma is a community journalist who writes from Davao City and comments from the perspective of a Mindanaoan.