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Duterte, Trump, Jinping together in drug war | Philippine News Agency


By Jun Ledesma

US Pres. Donald Trump has declared an all-out war against drugs. Shocked by the recent death statistics attributed to drug addiction, Trump announced before an assembly of medical practitioners, lawmakers, state governors Federal law enforcers an unprecedented campaign against drug syndicates and ordered the Food and Drug Authority to immediately pull out addictive pain killers which had been identified as among the culprits that hook millions of Americans to drugs. 

Trump's revelation stunned the world but closer to home the declaration delivers a blow on the solar plexus of rabid critics of Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte, which had perceptibly increased the decibel against the government's unrelenting campaign against drugs. 

Just last week new faces identified with the political opposition had surfaced, each questioning the President's psychological behaviour and raising doubt on his capability to govern. It is obvious that the new cabal of wrecking crew was fielded as the known political opposition figures have lost their credibility. 

Meanwhile in America, the out-of-tune Sen. Antonio Trillanes, who is facing a warrant of arrest for yet another libel case filed against him, is busy spreading lies to Filipino communities.  

It's apparent that the fresh tirade on Duterte was meant to disparage the President and to discredit him on his campaign against drugs.

A psychiatrist named Ana Junia described the President in her Facebook post as narcissistic. This was followed closely by Winnie Monsod column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer where she finds similarity in the personality of US President Trump and Duterte, whom she described as having narcissistic personality disorder. Another lady lawyer, bannered as a topnotcher, but whose name escaped me now, admonished lawyers and aspiring lawyers not to pursue their profession if they are supportive of the President's war on drugs.  

The latest to enter the fray is an Aquino lackey and an avowed supporter of the Liberal Party, Vicky Garchitorena, who, for her part, targeted Honeylet Avancena, common law wife of President, for her role as host for the gala reception of the wives of heads of States who will be attending the ASEAN summit.  

But Duterte bashers have a a heavier dose of brow beating themselves. Junia was advised to see a psychiatrist herself, Monsod dubbed as failed economic adviser of Aquino and a soap endorser, while Garchitorena's own well-kept secret is out on WWW.  

The lawyer is an unknown character nobody seems to bother about her. 

Both the President and partner Honeylet weathered the defamation.

Moreover, luck and public support are on their side.  

Trump's declaration of a total war against drugs resonates with Duterte's primordial agenda of eradicating the drug syndicates. But there is more to it.

UNCHR special rapporteur, Agnes Callamard, who surreptitiously came to the Philippines on invitation of the Commission on Human Rights and anti-Duterte FLAG lawyers never told us that 175 Americans die daily due to drug addiction.

President Trump said seven American lives are lost daily due to drug dependency or 64,000 perished every year.

Callamard and a certain Dr. Carl Hart, who she had in tow, kept these statistics secretion from the Filipino audience. They casually told their audience that drugs cannot kill or damage the brain.

But here comes the US President declaring the death statistics and drug addiction in America a national shame and a human tragedy. 

So forget the lying Callamard and Dr. Carl. The head of State of America tells us more.  

What is more worrisome is that thousands of new-born babies suffer from extreme pain and other affliction because of the effects of drug while still in the womb of their drug-hooked parents. 

Trump dubbed the menace of drug in America as an epidemic and declared the strategic steps he had started to combat drugs as a national emergency.

Already over 2-million Americans are certified drug addicts while countless more are into drugs and have to be rehabilitated.

He admitted that what they have today is the worst drug crisis in the US history and that Americans are the largest consumers in the world. 

The shocking disclosure makes Philippines drug problems in the same category as that of America but the later is more complex.

Trump ordered the immediate pull out of diploids, a pain-relieving medication, from the market as they are found to be addictive.

Federal law enforcers were directed to secure airports and sea ports from the illegal entry of synthetic drugs from China and to commence building the perimeter wall between the US and Mexico where 90 percent of the illegal drugs are coming from.

He signified that he is going to talk to China Pres. Xi Jinping and knowing how President Duterte has stood firmly in his war against drugs, it is not far- fetched that the three heads of States will have a special meeting during the ASEAN summit on how to address the scourge of drugs.

As Trump emphasized, "together we fight illegal drugs". 

As Duterte vowed to eradicate drugs from day one in his presidency, Trump told his American constituency: "We will be the generation that will put an end to the drug epidemic.”

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Mr. Jun Ledesma is a community journalist who writes from Davao City and comments from the perspective of a Mindanaoan.