MANILA -- As Filipinos proclaim their gratitude to the heroes who fought for the country's independence, there have been a lot of things that changed in the way they express their thanks to these iconic figures.

One of these expressions of gratitude is translated into art.

In a post that went viral on Twitter, 17-year-old pixel-artist and illustrator Paul Timothy Sabado, prepared for his social media post in time for the 121st celebration of Philippines' Independence Day.

His artworks are a common sight all over Metro Manila.

In an interview, he said the thing that inspired him to create the series of animation is the aesthetic and simplicity of the movements whenever he roams around the busy streets of the metropolis.

"I also listen to lo-fi music on Youtube," he said, adding that some of the videos are done via pixel art animation.

As of this posting, Sabado's posts already reached almost 7,000 retweets and 1,000 favorites.

The pixel arts are his daily view when going to places and running errands. (PNA)

Pinoy jeepney featuring Manila Bay at the background. (Twitter upload by Paul Timothy Sabado)


A typical lugawan (congee stall) by the streets of Manila. (Twitter upload by Paul Timothy Sabado)


Ihawan (a stall that sells a variety of street food). (Twitter upload by Paul Timothy Sabado)




A typical bus commute during the rain. (Twitter upload by Paul Timothy Sabado)