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'Big void' discovered in Egypt's Great Pyramid

CAIRO -- An international team of scientists announced on Thursday the discovery of "a big void" in Khufu's Pyramid in Egypt's Giza Plateau by imaging the pyramid using cosmic-ray muons.The discovery was revealed in an article published on Nature, an international weekly journal of science, showing... Read More

Pansit Malabon: A delicious treat for 'Undas'

MANILA -- With the All Saints and Souls' holiday now in full swing, some families in Malabon are now busy cooking "Pansit Malabon", the signature noodle dish of the locality.This will be table fare for families holding mini-reunions in the cemeteries during the "Undas" holidays.Cooking "Pansit... Read More

Souls ‘reunion’ with the living not only during “Undas”

CALAMBA CITY, Laguna - A lot of stories have been written and read about “All Souls’ Day” -- there are articles that scare the readers and others provide important information why people across the world have fixed a date to observe it.Whatever it is, in the Philippines, this day... Read More

How do different countries observe the Halloween?

MANILA -- Have you already prepared your costume for the Halloween? Are you in for a trick-or-treat?Every October 31, Halloween or the eve of the All Saints' Day, is being observed in different countries. The Philippine News Agency listed what some countries do during this day.* PhilippinesMost... Read More

Pangasinan’s ‘deremen’: Food for the living and the dead

DAGUPAN CITY -- Between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. on weekdays, Litlit Decena and her elder sister, Flor, make their way to the office of the newspaper The Sunday Punch at the second floor of the Florencia Duque Building here to peddle to employees a native cake called kinerel.Jocelyn de la Cruz, the paper's... Read More

Soldiers’ heroism and sacrifices cited in the liberation of Marawi

MANILA –The men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) again showed to the whole world their heroism and sacrifices beyond the call of duty that ended the five-month siege of Marawi City, foiling Islamic terrorists from establishing a... Read More

Mega Rehab gives hope to lost souls

MANILA – As a subtle approach to the war against illegal hard drugs, President Rodrigo Duterte proposed the use of a portion of the Fort Ramon Magsaysay military installation to construct the Mega Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (Mega DATRC).In November of 2016, President... Read More

SE Asia’s top terror leader Hapilon killed as Marawi siege nears end

MANILA --After 16 years of dodging military dragnets and spreading terror in southern Philippines, Isnilon Hapilon, Southeast Asia’s most notorious IS-linked terrorist leader, was killed Monday dawn during a gun battle with government forces making their final offensive against Maute terror... Read More

Take it from F. Sionil Jose

MANILA –- Sometimes, people are told to learn from the experts, from the elders, or from the experienced professionals.How about learning lessons from the country’s National Artist for Literature, Francisco Sionil Jose?Perhaps you’ve read the name “F. Sionil Jose” since... Read More

Surigao town cited for marine protection, conservation

CORTES, Surigao del Sur — Fisherfolk of this coastal town have been guarding their rich marine sanctuaries and fishing grounds with utmost dedication.No wonder this once virtually unknown town gained national prominence when it received a national award for sustainable coastal management... Read More

Cimatu needs his brilliant past as DENR chief

MANILA -- This is one for the books.Newly-confirmed Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Roy A. Cimatu’s storied past as a brilliant tactician and strategist during his illustrious long military career where he saw action in the Mindanao war in 2001, is worth recalling now that his... Read More

Reinventing ‘taka’ in contemporary fashion

MANILA -- Much of what people turn out to be when they grow up are mostly a product of the kind of childhood that they had.What started out as a fondness and a fascination for the “taka” or the art of “papier mache” has since become a passion, an inspiration and a journey... Read More

Pinoy cited for helping victims of Las Vegas shooting

MANILA--A Filipino taxi driver in the United States hailed as a hero when he evacuated six wounded victims at the height of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, disregarding his own safety, has been widely known by friends in his hometown in Bohol as a compassionate man and always ready to help a... Read More

Local sportswear brand introduces 'Airemov' in pre-holiday collection

MANILA -- Filipino sportswear brand Atsui launched its pre-holiday collection this week, and introduced the "Airemov" -- a specially designed fabric.The "Airemov" is a moisture-wicking fabric, and also has an increased elastane to allow wearers to move better and more comfortable."It quickly... Read More

October is month of Holy Rosary

MANILA -- October is the month of the Holy Rosary, which the Catholic Church celebrates with fervor and holiness. It is considered a powerful weapon against evil, as well as the perfect prayer to bring peace to the world.What makes 2017 doubly important is the celebration of the 100th anniversary of... Read More

On FOI Bill: Where do Filipinos stand?

MANILA --It has been more than a year since the Executive Order (EO) No. 2 or the Right to Information was signed. The Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill, on the other hand, is yet to be passed. How do Filipinos, government agencies see the FOI and the Right to Information?It may be recalled that on... Read More

Gov’t, CSOs want to harmonize FOI, right to privacy

MANILA -- The government and civil society organizations (CSOs) are doing everything to harmonize the Freedom on Information (FOI) and the right to privacy.This was evident as the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) and the Right to Know Right Now (R2KRN) Coalition conducted their... Read More

Agusan Sur IP community fulfills dream to own tribal school

ESPERANZA, Agusan del Sur—Members of an Indigenous People (IP) community, belonging to the Higaonon tribe, have bonded together to fulfill a long-time dream to have a school of their own for their children.Through the "bayanihan" spirit, tribe members constructed two new school buildings after... Read More

Church connects far-flung villages, schools to the world

BAYUGAN CITY— A thriving Christian denomination here has established its own wireless internet broadband service, not to lure more members in its flock, but to connect the far-flung communities and schools to the world.To propagate its state-of-the art global Airmax network, the A2wiser... Read More

Climbing sacred Bongao Peak now easier

Development of the eco-tourism park, aimed at the preservation and conservation of the area, is one of the priority projects of the Hataman administration.

Bongao Peak is one of the 12 key biodiversity sites in the country, protected by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources under... Read More