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Ledesma: Starting to enjoy the ride

AS of this writing, the Philippine Stock Market Index (PSEi) has just breached the 7300 level. Though further corrections are still expected, analysts say that it will hover around 6,900 to 7,300 levels before it breaks another threshold by yearend.  This means that if... Read More

Ledesma:  2022 polls the race of the dead

THERE had been so many arguments and extraneous explanations about who should get the credit for the enforcement of the 13th-month pay. Let’s face it, the strict implementation of the 13th-month pay was during the time of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos.  The “dictator”, as the... Read More

From the Mail: An Open Letter to UP Visayas Community

THE dialogue between the Regional Task Force-ELCAC 6 and UP Visayas officials on October 29, 2021 drew flak from different organizations of the university.The following organizations made their remarks and demanded transparency and accountability:1. UP Visayas University Student Council (UPV USC);2.... Read More

Ledesma: Leni sa ‘bibig nahuhuli’

THERE is a Filipino proverb which says, “Ang isda ay  sa bibig nahuhuli”. Translated into English: “the fish is caught by its mouth”.  Another way of saying it: “Ang isda’y sa kanyang labi nahuhuli, At ang tao nama’y sa... Read More

Ledesma: It’s a season of weird promises

THE Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration has announced that the  La Nina phenomenon has started. This means most of Luzon, Visayas, and the National Capital Region will experience above normal rainfall conditions that will last up to the 1st quarter... Read More

Ledesma: Who among the VP bets can deliver?

SOME quarters are belittling Vice Presidential aspirant Christopher “Bong” Go. A first-termer in the Senate, yes, yet he is always part of the vilification campaign by “Oust Duterte“ movement and the opposition propaganda machinery from day one. Starting off as an... Read More

Badoy: The Ignoble Nobel

I HAD to sit in silence since finding out that one of the most despised and least trusted persons in the Philippines has been given the Nobel Peace Prize for her “efforts to safeguard freedom of expression” in one of the most vibrant democracies in the world with such an excess of... Read More

Ledesma: The Yellow Ribbon Committee

THE Blue Ribbon Committee has become a virtual Yellow Ribbon Committee. It took us for a ride around the globe. It purports to do investigation in aid of legislation but the truth, as it is turning out, is that it has become a veritable investigation for re-election. This is a... Read More

Ledesma: Expect the best, prepare for the worst

WE all make plans, either personal or business-related. And when we plan, it’s human nature to always expect that things will work out the way we want it, the way we planned it. We set our own expectations. And when things didn’t go as expected, we feel unhappy and... Read More

Ledesma: A period of discernment

DAVAO City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte is on leave from October 5 to 8. Again it has stirred the hornet’s nest. She personally announced that it will be for a medical leave in Singapore but some quarters are not buying that. Interestingly, the dates the Commission on Elections has... Read More

Ledesma: Imponderables

“IT ain't over till the fat lady sings". It simply means that one should not rush to judgment or presume to know what is ahead on an ongoing event. This saying aptly applies to the many changes obtaining in plans and organizations that pertain to the regular elections in 2022. The... Read More

Ledesma: Salute to our educational front-liners 

WHEN we talk about front liners, the first persons to come into our mind are our medical health workers - doctors, nurses, and allied medical staff. These are the people who, on a daily basis, go out and risk their lives to take care of the sick and to keep us safe and healthy.... Read More

Ledesma: Give way to young leaders

HARDCORE loyalists of President Rodrigo R. Duterte are mustering the courage to plead to him to give way for Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte to run for President by setting aside his plan to run for Vice President.  The pillars of Hugpong Ng Pagbabago, a regional party formed and... Read More

Ledesma: Brazen and shameless politicking

THE Senate Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC) has become a veritable stage of political zarzuela where the grand inquisitors made the nation believe they have discovered a mountain of corruption in government overpriced purchases of personal protective equipment. Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Dick... Read More

Ledesma: I have money! Where do I put it?

NOT having money is a serious problem. Having money but not knowing how to properly handle them is an equally serious problem. Of course, between the two, we will all choose the latter. It is a positive problem that we can all wish for. But sad to say, a number of... Read More

Ledesma: What Davao clique?

SOME senators have selective memory. In the Senate's current investigation, they were talking of prices of personal protective equipment medical commodities today and stonewalled how much were the prices of the same items when the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) declared pandemic... Read More

Ledesma: Reporma’s criteria didn’t spare Miriam

REP. Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez seemed to be careless these days not only about his health but his utterances. He can be tactless with his off-the-cuff statements and this had brought him some troubles in the past and then …now.In a recent interview with ANC Christian... Read More

Ledesma: The wheels of political fortune in Davao del Norte

FOR several decades, elections in Davao del Norte had always been bland as the results could always be predicted months ahead of the actual polls. While they were not commanded or persuaded whom to vote electorates have their ears close to the ground and watched the body language of their... Read More

Ledesma: From experience to essential economy 

CONSUMER analysts are saying that every crisis triggers a change in the behavior of the buying public. This current health crisis is no different. Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen a major shift in how consumers are spending and what they are spending on.  From the pre-pandemic... Read More

Ledesma: Do not test Sara’s patience

VICE President Leni Robredo is having a morbid fear. She cannot stand another six years of a Duterte administration. Obviously, she is referring to Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte who is leading in all Presidential surveys. The same anxiety disorder could describe Manila Mayor Isko Moreno... Read More