MILKY CHAT. The app enables parents to see their kid's activities, by receiving updates from their teacher, or anyone given an access to their account. Its founder eyes making this app available in the Philippines soon. (PNA photo by Cristina Arayata

MANILA -- Parents can't always be with their kids, but would always want to see what they are doing, how they grow.

Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff, who co-founded the Milky Chat app with his wife, eyes bringing this app in the Philippines soon.

Basically, Milky Chat app works like a combination of Viber and Instagram, based on how Sinai-Sinelnikoff showed the app to the Philippine News Agency (PNA) recently.

The user can select who could have access to an account (e.g. spouse, teacher, nanny). Those who were granted access are able to share photos or videos of the child in real-time. The parent and those who were granted access could also "like" and comment on the posts.

Sinai-Sinelnikoff shared that the name "Milky Chat" came from the word, "milk", which describes the strong bond between a mother and her child.

He said there was a time when his wife had to fully care for their child. He has been busy with work.

"I'm loving the bond with our kids," he said, adding that they now have two children -- a three-year old and the other is turning six.

"(Through this app), you can follow the life of a kid. Look at this, my child's teacher is giving me an update. So I could see my daughter even if I am here in the Philippines," he said.

Sinai-Sinelnikoff resides in Singapore, but frequents the Philippines because of another business that he co-founded.

He said that he is looking for investors so he could finally bring the app to the Philippines.

Once available here, Sinai-Sinelnikoff said this would be downloadable for free.

The key features of this app, which has been available for download in Singapore, are free. Users could also opt for add-on purchase. (PNA